Zinfan-Deal: D-Cubed Korte Ranch ’07

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You won’t find this one at your local wine shop. Directly from D-Cubed, it’s normally $32. But only until this Saturday (7/23/11), Duane David Dappen (the 3 “D”s behind D-Cubed) is letting this rare gem help some very worthy causes by teaming up with the folks at Cellar Angels. He’s also generously cutting the price by almost a third — just $22.99 — which easily makes this our Zinfan-Deal Of The Week.

If you haven’t heard of Cellar Angels, their website does the best job of explaining the concept:

Cellar Angels was created by a compassionate group of wine loving friends intent on changing the world. Our mission is simple: connect small and family run wineries to a larger audience, expose wine lovers to incredible purchase opportunities offered exclusively to Cellar Angels members from partnering vineyards, and provide assistance to a select group of charities. We love wine. We love introducing others to great wine and we love helping others. Cellar Angels provides an opportunity to accomplish all three.

With each weekly offering, they also produce a short video, introducing you to the wine, winemaker and vineyard.  Enjoy this one for Korte Ranch:


SPECIAL BONUS: Duane has also agreed to be the special guest at a TeleTasting for the Korte Ranch Zin. A TeleTasting is when we all open the same bottle of wine on a particular night, while doing a conference call with the winemaker. You can talk directly to the winemaker, or just listen in to what your fellow Zin lovers across the country have to say. It’s a lot of fun.

Go to CellarAngels.com, pick up this Zin, help the charity of your choice, and receive a free invitation to our TeleTasting in just a few weeks with Mr. Triple-D himself, D-Cubed’s Duane David Dappen!

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