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You are cordially invited to join us for a TeleTasting featuring special guest Duane Dappen of D-Cubed Cellars!

What’s a TeleTasting?  It’s like a conference call — except there’s wine!

We all call in on the same phone line with a special guest, usually the winemaker, and taste and talk live along with other Zin lovers around the world.

Got a question for our guest?  Just press *2 on your phone to “raise your hand.”  The host will unmute your phone and you’ll be chatting one-on-one with our guest directly.  Questions, comments, insights — your input is always welcome and encouraged at a TeleTasting.  This is your chance to make your voice heard!

Mark your calendar, datebook or scheduling software NOW to join us for the next TeleTasting:


Title: TeleTasting ~ Duane Dappen/D-Cubed 07 Korte Ranch
Time: Tuesday, August 30th at 8:00pm Eastern

Phone number: (865) 291-0488
PIN Code: 970054#

To attend, visit:


If you don’t have a bottle already, be sure and pick up a D-Cubed by Tuesday, then taste and talk live with Duane David Dappen, the Zin master, two-term president of ZAP and founder of D-Cubed Cellars.

We’ll be featuring his ’07 Korte Ranch Zinfandel, which you won’t find at your local wine shop. It was part of the Cellar Angels charitable giving project.

If you missed that incredible deal, NOT TO WORRY! Feel free to grab any other D-Cubed offering and join the tasting!

Looking forward to tasting and talking with you!

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