Dear Zinfandel Enthusiast,

Like you, Zinfandel is my absolute favorite varietal. I can certainly appreciate a good Cab or Shiraz on occasion… but nothing compares to Zin. The high notes are higher, the low notes are lower; the nose is stronger, the finish longer. Yes, we both love wine that actually tastes like something.

Our newsletter, website, podcast and events are dedicated to enhancing your enjoyment of Zinfandel in four distinct ways:

Quality – Together, we discover the very best Zinfandel, regardless of price. Trust me, no matter how much you’re willing to spend, there’s always a great Zin (or two, or ten) waiting for you to enjoy.

Value – Once we’ve identified our favorites; naturally, we want to buy them at the best possible price. We search online and off to uncover the most attractive deals, and share the results with you. After all, the more you save; the more you get to enjoy.

Appreciation – The experience of tasting a truly great Zinfandel is heightened when you know the people, places and story behind what’s in your glass. We connect you with all three by bringing you news, opinions, interviews, tastings and events featuring all things Zin. Plus, articles and photo archives dedicated to preserving Zinfandel’s past.

Community – OldVineZin.com is where Zin lovers around the world unite. We’re “ZinNation,” and becoming a citizen puts you in good company with like-minded people who share your passion for Zinfandel: America’s heritage grape.

Congratulations, fellow Zin lover — you’ve come to the right place!

To great Zins and great friends,

Chris Allen
Editor & Publisher
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